Neil Genzlinger

variety inverted“…[A] work of beguiling grace…
dramatized with almost trancelike beauty…
and never less than transfixing.”
“A literal and psychological Heart of Darkness.”
“This one-of-a-kind narrative invites audiences
to experience the Amazon
as an almost hallucinogenic escape.“
Nick Schager

ceb8a51439a863d8c39dd6523aac238e“[The filmmakers portray the film’s] surroundings with an ecstatic stillness, and they capture the medicinally induced hallucinations with a visual imagination of rare specificity and fury.”
Richard Brody

indiewire logo inverted“…a strong and strange new film that combines the unknown with the very relatable search to actually know anything.”
Kate Erbland

The-Wall-Street-Journal-Logo inverted“A very personal film made with a meditative and observant resolve.”
Steve Dollar

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